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October 27, 2006



totally something. man, those look so cool!


Something awesome! Those look fantastic. Hope the healing trend continues.


beautiful! hope you are feeling better! jane had what sounds like the same thing (and/or pneumonia). 3 weeks home from school - crazy! i had no idea you could get so sick....

hope things are coming along for the fair. i'm crafting like mad over here...

jen j-m

that is incredibly lovely yarn, ms. coughy-hacky-pants.


fo sho!


so pretty :) hope you are all mended now!


glad you are feeling better, l. those supercoils are spectacular!


Love the coils - must try that out one of these days!

Hope you're feeling better now! We've gotten lucky so far (man, I know I just jinxed the whole family!).

Oh, and I finally figured out how to change the comment sections on my blog, so now you're free to comment without having to join!

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