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March 02, 2007



i do notice that i am drawn to images of houses + cottages and anything cozy and/or kitchen-y...not sure what that says - maybe that i am the truest cancer-homebody there ever was. i also love how many of the same flickr favorites i share w/kindred spirits...


i'm kind of obsessed with flickr these days too. it took me long enough. my favorites are always colorful.


I am all about the color. Simplistic color.
And of course the blues and greens that my ocean brings me.

I adore the blue bookshelf in your collection. That one speaks to me.

I recently was at a fiber event and we went out for dinner. I was talking to another dyer and mid sentence I said - stop and turn around - look at the colorway - The turqoise flaky wooden container holding an orange candle and the red ketchup bottle. It was beautiful in its colors and its simplicity.
Inspiration is about, sometimes you just have to open your eyes and your soul to it.
Cool question.

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