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October 05, 2010



This is beautiful April! I love knit hats, unfortunately I have a big head:) I often wish I could knit but two hand surgeries say otherwise! Glad to find your blog!


I would love to change my name to "random commenter!"

Your stuff is beautiful! So are you!

Erin N.

I've been knitting and making a lot of hats for my husband lately. Somehow the ones I love and those he loves are not usually the same and he ends up requesting something different or wearing my weird "experiments." Thanks for the contest!


Is this considered a unisex hat pattern?


Super-fun!! I love my winter hats to be thick and soft. I love me a good Thorpe anytime. The one above looks like a hat I would loooove in fall or spring!

Sarah Jackson

so cute! I'm a big fan of foliage. I love its old lady-ness if you knit it a little big and the lace doesn't stretch so much. In fact, I need to knit another one!


you know, i've got plain and simple 'felicity' on the mind. i also wouldn't mind making the 'wurm' i love the doubled over band/brim/i don't know what to call that?! thus far however, my all time favorite winter hat is one my mil gave me from a little surf shop downtown santa cruz CA, it's bright orange with polka dots and has a bit of fleece on the forehead and what makes it good = it stays on my head no matter how hard my big hair tries to push it off and doesn't itch. ever.

Sunshine Mama

I love knit hats! Slouchy hats are my favourite as of recently, but the favourite ones I own are my beanie hats. They look just like the kid ones, but made to fit mama! I had found them at a farmers market years ago, just before they became popular. This woman handmade them in so many amazing colours, I couldn't just pick one, so I bought 3!! I just taught myself how to knit this summer and love it! But I'm still stuck doing scarves, as I have no idea how to do anything else yet. But hats are next on my "to learn" list. But I just bought a book to help me address that ;)

I just found your blog through a comment you left on Farmama's blog by the way, and I'm really enjoying reading through it! Looking forward to read more!


Omigod, I think I love you! What a neat little giveaway!


I love that hat.

Abbey Rice

Yeah baby. I'd love a hat.


Can't resist, Aprill!


My favorite hats cover the ears, like the ones babies wear..and of course don't itch.. love that beautiful hat.


Count me in! It's a beautiful hat and it looks so comfy!


The Cobblestone Slouch, by my colleague Melissa Thomson. She is the creative genius behind Yarn Candy Sweet Fibre, and just released this, her first pattern, on Ravelry. I was lucky enough to be a test knitter for her, and it's such a fun, simple knit, with great results.

My younger daughter has claimed my test-knit hat, but I know I will be knitting many more, for myself and for gifts.

I am not great with links, but if you are on Ravlery, my id is sophiefair there too. Check out my projects to see it!


That hat is lovely! My favorite hat to knit is the Butterfly Hat, which is also available as a free ravlery download. Knits up really quickly and there is just something satisfying about making those "butterfly" stitches. Plus, with the right color scheme, it's adorable!


Oh, I wish I was a knitter. My two favorite hats are the one you made for me and my cashmere tam. Love them both. xx


I am not a knitter either. But my favorite hat is a slouchy purple one that my mom made. actually, we are all decked out in hand-knits from her in winter - yay! your hat is beautiful.


Mine is definitely Thorpe.


I am about to start one pixie hat for my little girl following your pattern

Erin | house on hill road

hats are my favorite thing to knit. i really don't have a favorite - anything in the round and with a lot of stockinette stitch works for me!

Theresa N

Great hat!! I've done a few but nothing as pretty as this one. Mine are stockinette stitches with ribbed cuffs.


yay, i love your blog and yarn, and now you have a hat give away!! we're in oregon and i need more hats because we wear them so often, perfect. thanks for the chance ;)

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