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February 01, 2011



Yay, Skins! I, too, am shamelessly obsessed with it! Unfortunately, I am now up-to-date and I have to wait a week for each new episode :(

Please, do yourself a favour and don't watch the U.S. version. It is appallingly terrible. :D


i had a feeling that would be the case! thanks for the warning. :)


i am hoping to get the new batch of roving out to you soon. i am sorry that i have completely dropped the ball. it is on my list for this weekend.

it is nice to see photos with green in them. february is always so hard for me too but i have to say the snow, i think, will really help. at least it is pretty. though it won't stay pretty forever. it is the dreary wet and bitter cold i can't stand.

i will have to check out skins. i am loving 3rd season of tudors.


i am on the last leg of phase one of the spinning! i hope to be sending you some yarn by the end of next week.
i need to check out those tudors too. :)

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