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May 20, 2011


Sarah Jackson

oh yay!! We have so much coming up right now and I love looking at it. Right now our broccoli looks just like that.


thanks for the reminder that i wanted to plant broccoli! we are already out of space and there are still several things that i wanted to get in the ground. i think we might need to expand!

Sarah Jackson

we're going to build one more bed next month for the late summer stuff. I still have a bit of room, but not enough. I also have big plans for fall/overwintering veggies. I'm so excited.


we scour all of our little plots every afternoon LOL
even though we composted, planted, and watered (and should expect things to grow), it IS magic when little green things start popping up everywhere!
thanks for sharing xo


i've been pulled, as if by a magnet, to our beds at least twice a day over the past week, probably looking a little crazy as i scrutinize the soil for signs of emerging new life. it's such an amazing process. i can't wait for our first little harvest! it looks like you are a bit ahead of me! :)

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